Store PDF files to the Cloud

No copying required, open PDFs anywhere.

Sync reading history

Keep a continuous reading experience across multiple clients.

Linearized reading

Quickly display desired pages without downloading the entire file.


What are the main features of Foxit Cloud?

With Foxit Cloud, users receive 1 GB of free cloud storage for storing PDF files with Foxit Reader. In addition, last reading positions will also be saved, so users can maintain a continuous reading experience in multi Foxit Reader clients.


How do I use Foxit Cloud in Foxit Reader?

Foxit Cloud is a new feature that comes with Foxit Reader 6.1. As of now, the Foxit Cloud service has not yet been activated worldwide and only in some countries. For the users that are able to use the Cloud service, there is a Foxit Cloud tab in the menu. You can use Foxit Cloud from this tab.


What platforms of Foxit Reader support Foxit Cloud?

Foxit Cloud is currently available in Foxit Reader on PC and Foxit Mobile Reader on Android.


What file formats can I store in Foxit Cloud?

Foxit Cloud supports PDF files only.


How much storage space I can use?

All registered users can use 1GB of free space. Please note that the maximum size for a PDF is 50MB.

To view our Foxit Cloud Plugin User Manual, click here.

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