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Keep Documents in Sync

Never worry about having to remember which page you were reading inside your documents. Cloud Reading enables you to read a document on one machine with Foxit Reader, and pickup where you left off on another.

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Bring Your PDF to Web

View your PDF documents from anywhere, even if you don't have your computer or mobile device with you. Foxit Cloud will make your PDF availalbe to you through any web browser when you log into your account.

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Documents On-The-Go

Foxit Cloud makes it simple and easy to manage and view your documents from any location. There's no more need to use email or portable storage, and you'll always be up-to-date.

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How Does Foxit Cloud Work?

Foxit Cloud takes any existing PDF document you have, and will make it available to you anywhere. Once it's uploaded onto Foxit Cloud (either from Foxit Reader using the Foxit Cloud tab, or from the web), you'll be able to access it from different devices you have. You can open a document on another computer (e.g. accessing work documents on your home machine), or from any device using a web browser (e.g. if you want to login from a computer other than your own).

How to Get Started

You can start using Foxit Cloud either by signing up on this site, or signing up through the Foxit Cloud tab within Foxit Reader. All you need to get started is a valid email address. Once you sign up, a temporary password will be sent to you, which you can change at anytime.

Foxit Cloud in Action

  • Sign Up and Sign In: Both are easy, can can be right when you want to start using Foxit Cloud.
  • Foxit Cloud in Reader: As you add and remove documents on Foxit Cloud, your list is automatically updated.
  • Foxit Cloud on the Web: Just like reader, your document list is always updated wherever you add and remove documents.
  • Web Document Viewing: Access your documents anywhere, anytime, with web access to all your cloud documents.

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